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  •   Over the past couple of years, we have put out at least several videos in which I demonstrate different ways I style my girls curly hair and keep it healthy and moisturized. They are known for their bouncy curls and

  • Recently BET came to our house for a family interview. They wanted to know how we, the McClure Family, became and stay a family. We feel the interview came out well and want to share it with our fans and

  • For the past year, Jersey’s been living the good life! While it’s been necessary, I’m just not sure I can do it anymore. The boy has teeth and it HURTS! People around the world have been following Jersey’s life since he

  • This weekend the girls are staying with their Nana in central New Jersey which leaves Ami and I (Justin) alone with big Jers (Jersey). It's been amazing watching Jersey reach new milestones. He's eight months old so every week it

  • “Contentment is the only real wealth.” -Alfred Nobel, founder of the Nobel Prize   Christmas is a magical season and nobody wants to Scrooge their little ones out of it. Whether you let your children believe in the fantasy of Santa or

  •   Online friends, fans, family, or followers - regardless of what term you use, we are grateful for you! Together, we hit 1.6 million on Instagram. There's a million of you on our youtube channel, over 715,000 of you tuning in

Creating Content That Makes People Feel Good

With our family complete, and perfectly blended, we strive to make content that makes people feel, while also entertaining. As we bring awareness to things we care about, we hope to teach our kids and the world about how to live with strength, decency, and compassion.

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