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McClure Family YouTube Channel

The McClure Family is a positive lifestyle family brand. Their videos are positive and funny with a focus on kids, parenting, twins, and family-friendly. New videos are posted weekly, so please subscribe!


Subscribe to my channel if you want to watch my life! I'll be doing a lot of fun things like playing with favorite toys, learning, and doing fun things with my family!


Hi, I'm Ami and welcome to my life. I am a mom of three...Ava & Alexis (The McClure Twins) and baby Jersey. That said, I am also just Ami! Here I will share more of me with you all. You will see videos on my personal style, health and fitness tips, beauty, skin care, and much more including storytime with me. Let's have some fun together!


The McClure Algorithm is about the McClure family (Justin and Ami) trying to figure out life as full time social media influencers. We are the parents of the McClure Twins, have a large social media following, and try to make content that inspires others as well as ourselves.

Creating Content That Makes People Feel Good

With our family complete, and perfectly blended, we strive to make content that makes people feel, while also entertaining. As we bring awareness to things we care about, we hope to teach our kids and the world about how to live with strength, decency, and compassion.

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